Fresh Start Nutrition provides nutrition and well being advice in Alton and Newbury

Welcome to Fresh Start Nutrition  

Fresh Start Nutrition's goal is simple - to help individuals and families make long term positive nutrition and lifestyle changes, to improve health and quality of life.

I'm Nikki Butler and I'm the founder of Fresh Start Nutrition. I provide nutrition and well being advice to individuals and families in Hampshire and Berkshire.  I have a real passion and interest in nutrition and I really believe that what we eat impacts us in every way, whether that's physically, mentally or emotionally. 

My goal is to provide you with simple and easy to understand information that will help you to feel and look the best you can.

I offer a FREE 15 minute telephone consultation, so you can find out how Fresh Start Nutrition can help you.


Please call for more details 07879998080

The work that Nikki has done with me is genuinely fantastic. I contacted Nikki last year when I was signed off work with stress and wanted to improve my wellbeing as I felt really sluggish and had developed lazy and unhealthy eating habbits, I just wanted to have more energy and improve my diet without going on a diet! On the personalised eating plan and with the support from Nikki I noticed differences in a few weeks.....5 months later and I have lost almost 2 stone, dropped from a size 14 to a 10 and the eating plan has just become part of how I eat...and trust me I have plenty of guilt free monents for chocolate and treats! .....I never went to Nikki to lose weight, just to feel better in myself!

Where to start....  I came to see you convinced I was a lost cause. I was convinced I had a thyroid problem ( I don't) and I also suspected I had anemia (again, I don't!).  It was clear from the minute we started to discuss my food diaries that I was way off the mark with my eating habits.  Amazing how writing what you eat/drink down gives you such a reality check!  Anyway, just one week in I already feel so much better - I can't quite believe it.  I've lost 5llbs, no doubt due to cutting out foods I was clearly not good with. I'm eating more than ever, have significantly more energy and am now well and truly past the coffee withdrawl symptoms! The plan is so easy to follow, but the thing that has helped me the most is the way in which you explained everything to me.  I feel like I am able to make informed choices already - and whilst I am not quite there yet, it's great that you provide me with support to help me get it right.  for the first time ever I feel like I have control of my eating and lifestyle and I can't wait to be a month.....6 months into my new way of eating and living.  Many thanks for your advice, patience and support. I'm determined to be a model client! 

I was becoming increasingly frustrated with how difficult I was finding it to loose weight.  I had tried a range of diets and eating plans over the years which always left me feeling hungry, deprived and lacking in energy. 
Not only did Nikki advise me how to plan my meals and snacks, she also gave me tips that were easy to implement into my busy lifestyle. 
I instantly lost weight and can honestly say I've never felt better.  I don't get hungry, I eat a wide range of food so I don't get bored, and I feel full of energy. 
I never hesitate in recommending Nikki.  Her positive nature, enthusiasm for nutrition, and commitment to help me succeed really motivated me to achieve my goals.

Nikki, Thanks for all the advice you have given me, I have lost 17lbs in 5 weeks by following the eating plan and taking the supplements suggested to me and have found this very easy to follow. Not only do I  not feel hungry at all ,but found the food varied, tasty and quick and easy to cook - and to top it all you can even have some chocolate.....! Apart from losing weight, by following the plan I have not suffered from IBS at all in the last 4 wks, also the pain from the arthritis in my toes and fingers has gone, can't thank you enough for that. My psoriasis is also the best it's been in over 30 years. I hadn't expected to see such a difference in my skin, I'm truly amazed.  I am sleeping better and feel as though I have much more energy. I am continuing to follow your advice  as I would like to lose a bit more weight and to continue with the improvement in my well-being  Many thanks for you continued support. 

Fresh Start Nutrition has helped me to get my life back on track. I’ve had depression and IBS for many years,  struggling with excess weight, PMT, Psoriasis, and taking Thyroxin to manage my underactive thyroid. Nikki has given me invaluable advice and support including nutritional education, easy to follow tasty recipes, guidance on supplements (all endorsed by my GP) and a great trick for burning those extra calories with ‘power burst’ based exercise plans. The weight loss has been amazing and the plan is easy to follow. However, the biggest benefit for me is my renewed vitality and increase in energy levels. A heart felt thank you to Nikki 

I was diagnosed with osteopenia 6 months ago and I've had psoriasis for many years.  I needed to find someone who could help me choose foods and supplements to improve my bones, ease the bone pain, and also help me with general wellbeing.

I had a consultation with Nikki where we discussed my favourite foods and talked about a typical days menu and foods I would eat.  From there she devised a daily menu that fitted into my lifestyle and gave me choices of  nutritious and filling foods and supplements.   I've never looked back!  My bones do not ache as much, my psoriasis is much improved, I have much more energy and my skin and hair looks better than ever as I'm fuelling my body with all the nutrients it needs.

I feel more healthy than I've done in years and I'm eating delicious foods every day! Im so happy, thank you Nikki.

Nikki has helped me to get the best out of my body. With her help food has become easy. I now know how to manage my IBS and I have amazing energy levels. All of the advice and guidance that she gave me was extremely beneficial, allowing me to regain control of my diet. I could not recommend getting in touch with Nikki more!

Nutrition & well being consultations and packages

Fresh Start Initial Consultation

This includes the following; 

  • 1 hour Consultation, including health review. 
  • Bespoke nutrition and well being report, including advice on supplements, exercise and nutrition.
  • Eating plan with 'quick start' 1 week planner and mix and match options.
  • 2 weeks email support.


Fresh Start Kick Start - 8 weeks

The Ultimate Fresh Start package is perfect for getting you on the road to a healthier lifestyle.  After 8 weeks you will be well on your way to making long term lifestyle changes that will leave you feeling and looking fantastic. 

The Fresh Start Kick Start package includes; 

  • 1 hour consultation, with health review 
  • 2 x 1 hour follow up consultations (1 at week 4 and one at week 8)
  • Bespoke nutrition and well being report, including advice on supplements, exercise and nutrition.
  • Eating plan with 4 week planners and mix and match options.
  • 8 weeks email support. 

£170.00 (save £20.00)

The Ultimate Fresh Start - 12 weeks

The Ultimate Fresh Start package is a 12 weeks programme that will kick start your new lifestyle and ensure you have the tools and knowledge to continue with your new healthy lifestyle in the long term. After 12 weeks of following the programme, you will be feeling and looking amazing.

  • 1 hour consultation, with health review 
  • 3 x 1 hour follow up consultations (1 at week 4, 8 and 12)
  • 2 x 30 minute telephone consultations.
  • Bespoke nutrition and well being report, including advice on supplements, exercise and nutrition.
  • Eating plan with 6 week menu and mix and match options.
  • 6 weeks guidance to help you formulate your own meal plans.
  • 12 week email support.

£250.00 (save £40.00) 

Follow up Consultations

A follow up consultation is recommended to review progress on a plan.  

£35.00 per hour 

Extended email support

Email support can be extended past the end of a nutrition and well being plan.  This option is ideal for those that would like continued support. Email support enables you to send any questions you have through, together with your food diaries for review and feedback.  

There is no limit on the number of questions that you can send through.

Food diary review is limited to 3 days for any one week. I recommend sending a food diary through on a weekly basis. 

£40.00 per month

Fresh Start Weight Loss Programme - 4, 8 and 12 weeks available

The Fresh Start Weight Loss Programme is an effective, enjoyable and interesting way to lose weight, it will also make you feel and look amazing. You'll be full of energy, enthusiasm and a real zest for life! You can say goodbye to boring diets that make you feel exhausted and grumpy - I promise! 

The 4 week Fresh Start Weight Loss Programme includes the following 

  • One hour consultation, including a review of current eating habits together with an explanation of the weight Loss programme. 
  • 4 week meal plan, including mix and match options and recipes and shopping list.
  • 4 week progress tracker.
  • 4 week email support. 


8 week programme includes everything included in the 4 week programme, plus;

  • 2 x 30 minute telephone consultations (week 4 and 8) 
  • 8 week email support.
  • 8 week progress tracker.
  • 4 weeks support and guidance to create your own weekly meal planners.

£130.00 (save £20.00)

12 week programme includes everything included in the 4 week programme, plus; 

  • 2 x 1 hour consultations (weeks 4 and 8)
  • 2 x 30 minute telephone consultations (weeks 6 and 12)
  • 12 week email support.
  • 12 week progress tracker.
  • 8 weeks support and guidance to create your own weekly meal planners.

£220.00 (save £40.00) 

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